It’s been a while….

Hello blogosphere!

I have been AWOL for a while now. So long that I don’t even know what I last wrote about…… *goes to read*

Oh my! That was a year ago! Where has the time gone????

In the last year I have:

  • Moved repeatedly
  • Spent a lot of time at the beach
  • Traveled by myself. Mostly to Montreal and Ottawa
  • Bought an Xbox One
  • Played copious amounts of video games
  • Read books
  • Played with my dog
  • Started going to the gym *
  • Started personal trainer at the gym
  • I’m sure there are other fun exciting things….

All in all, it has been a busy, sometimes fun, awesome year.

On the agenda in the near future: Reviewing of games, including: The Division, Battle Born Open Beta, Fallout 4, and other games I may have forgotten playing. Also: More updates about my awesome life, my goals for the near future , and I might post pictures of my pets. Maybe.



* Get it back program with Global Fitness and Racquet club




Common, tell me how awesome I am....

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