It’s been a while….

Hello blogosphere!

I have been AWOL for a while now. So long that I don’t even know what I last wrote about…… *goes to read*

Oh my! That was a year ago! Where has the time gone????

In the last year I have:

  • Moved repeatedly
  • Spent a lot of time at the beach
  • Traveled by myself. Mostly to Montreal and Ottawa
  • Bought an Xbox One
  • Played copious amounts of video games
  • Read books
  • Played with my dog
  • Started going to the gym *
  • Started personal trainer at the gym
  • I’m sure there are other fun exciting things….

All in all, it has been a busy, sometimes fun, awesome year.

On the agenda in the near future: Reviewing of games, including: The Division, Battle Born Open Beta, Fallout 4, and other games I may have forgotten playing. Also: More updates about my awesome life, my goals for the near future , and I might post pictures of my pets. Maybe.



* Get it back program with Global Fitness and Racquet club




Games that stand the test of Time


There are certain games that will always stand the test of time.

Pac Man. Pong. Anything Mario. You know. The classics.

Then there is me. And my old graphics, click to move loves. Doom. Wolfenstein 3D. Diablo… and the wonderful Fallout and Fallout 2.

After years of not even remotely wanting to play them… I now have a laptop… and now I have spent hours and hours on these games.

My bother gifted me some games on (Good Old Games). So awesome. I now have access to some awesome titles, and cant stop playing!

My character is basically built the same way in both games. Small. Gifted. Stealthy. Big on stealing. You know… the best way to play.

I only played Fallout 1 the first night? Mostly because I tried to install some mods and kept crashing it. Plus? Without actually ever buying my new glasses – It’s hard to see with those graphics . 😀

So far? I have dug graves, stolen everything possible. Tried, in vain, to not be drawn into everything possible that there is to do. But so far? I am only at The Den. The second town after the starting village. Can’t bring myself to leave anywhere until every option is exhausted.

Its… almost exhausting. (Haha! See what I did there? Brought the two paragraphs together. )

But now? It is bed time. Not Fallout time. I am totally NOT going to stay up all night again. Not at all. Nope. I’m going to be responsible.


Who am I kidding. I’ll just drink even more coffee tomorrow 🙂

The perils of Writers Block


I am so stoked to be with a working computer writing set up again. SOOO stoked.

Apparently my brain does not agree. I am suffering a horrid case of writers block. Well not in what I understand, is the traditional form of writers block. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, or write. I have sooo much going on in my brain, all of which needs to be out on paper/screen. I just cant figure out how to get it from my brain, through my fingers, and out.

I constantly get what I call “Brain Farts”. I know what I’m supposed to do/say/spell but I just cant get it out. Those are the times when I need to ask how to spell “together” or “consequences”, or something as simple as “Smile”. It’s those times when I am trying to talk to someone, and know what I want to say, but cant find the right word. Or I know the right word, but my mouth wont form them properly. That’s when I stutter, and get really frustrated with myself. It seems to be even worse lately, now that I am practicing my French and such. (Who knew a larger gauge tongue piercing would restrict my ability to pronounce the most common of words?)

So. I have so much I need to write. So much I need to say. Maybe if I record myself actually saying it out loud, I will be able to transcribe and overcome this horrid block.

I have also been told to write something, ANYTHING, daily. Whether it is a few words, a poem, a dirty limerick or a full on post. Just something to get my fingers and brain reconnected.

Here’s Hoping.



I have a new computer! Which means that I can blog again!

I have an awesome phone. The Sony Xperia Z3. I am in love with it. Like.. I love everything about it.

That said… I find it really hard to write out a legitimate , coherent thought on a phone. Correction – I find it hard to blog on my phone. There is something about typing on an actual keyboard and hearing the click of keys, coinciding with the thoughts shooting lightning fast through your head. The addictive feel of the keys pressing in slightly,then springing back into place. Seeing the words filling your screen, as you communicate with the world….

Sorry, where was i?

Right. New computer!

Technically it is a 2-in-1

I just opened up my new ASUS Transformer Book T200-TA. I even have pretty pictures of the unboxing. Unfortunately that IS on my phone. So I will have to do some cross posting anyways. (They are below the line)

I went for the T200 because it has an extra hard-drive bay, where I can put a large 500(+)gig hard drive or solid state drive for all my additional storage needs. It has an 11.6″ screen, full-sized keyboard, and an amazingly responsive touch-pad. best part? It’s also a tablet. Fully removable from the keyboard dock. Which I love. It’s almost like a poor mans MS Surface. Almost.

….. *crickets*….

It seems I must be way behind on the whole… continuous thought process thing. I hate half finished blogs. Unless it’s point form. Or a really good topic. Fine. I just got distracted, okay?

I will probably either be posting a bunch of stuff, or I will be writing, and/or storing/scheduling of posts. Because WRITING AND COMPUTER!!!!

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Choose Your Own Adventure and Video Games

One thing that I have always personally wished for, is a gaming experience that REALLY is mine. Not just minor things, but my choices can determine the entire main story. (Skyrim to the ultimate). I do believe it is possible. After all – like stated in the following blog post by Geoff Ellenor – we already experience the awesomeness of our character being in cut scenes, just the way we made them. More thoughts to come.

Read this awesome post by Ubisoft Level Design Director, Geoff Ellenor (Splinter Cell: Blacklist Spies vs Mercs, Splinter Cell Conviction, Ghostbusters: The Video Game)

He makes some great points, is articulate and, (in my opinion) brilliant.

Following this guy will not disappoint.


Follow Geoff Ellenor on Twitter
Geoff Ellenor Games Portfolio
Geoff Ellenor Blog on Medium

(P.S. Stay tuned! I have blog posts coming… I just happened to have written them by hand. Transcribing takes time!!)


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