Choose Your Own Adventure and Video Games

One thing that I have always personally wished for, is a gaming experience that REALLY is mine. Not just minor things, but my choices can determine the entire main story. (Skyrim to the ultimate). I do believe it is possible. After all – like stated in the following blog post by Geoff Ellenor – we already experience the awesomeness of our character being in cut scenes, just the way we made them. More thoughts to come.

Read this awesome post by Ubisoft Level Design Director, Geoff Ellenor (Splinter Cell: Blacklist Spies vs Mercs, Splinter Cell Conviction, Ghostbusters: The Video Game)

He makes some great points, is articulate and, (in my opinion) brilliant.

Following this guy will not disappoint.


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(P.S. Stay tuned! I have blog posts coming… I just happened to have written them by hand. Transcribing takes time!!)


Friday’s are Pimpin’

Hello Everyone!

It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!

Isn’t that a lovely earworm? If you don’t know what I am talking about, here. You’re welcome. 

Not that I am pimping that song. It just happened to pop into my head, so I decided to share the horror with everyone.

Anyways – Today I want to link to an amazing TED TALK with a lady who invented a video game to help deal with her depression.