A wee bit about me


Chances are if you have found yourself on this page, it is because you want to know a little bit more about lil ole me.  YAY!

Who I am:

My name is Robyn. I am a twenty -something female gamer from Canada. I like long walks on the beach, bonfires and puppies.


No really.  I do like all those things.

I am a fun, caring, nerdy, regular person. I play video games. I sing karaoke. I dance in the rain and play in the mud. I also suffer from a bunch of mental illness crap. As much as I wish I didn’t and that I could ignore it – I can’t, it is as much a part of me as the colour of my eyes, or the sound of my laugh.   Luckily for you…. you can! Just press that little ‘x’ in the top right hand corner. Go ahead. I wont judge.

For those who have remained : Hello and welcome!

What my plan with this blog is:

I have another blog. One that I realized I couldn’t share with …. well… polite company. I was crass ( which I will still be), rude (I’ll apologize in advance), ranty (I’ll put warnings in post titles!), and talked about stuff that probably should be kept to sharing with those who actually KNOW me. Or something like that. There was a reason I created a new blog specifically for this stuff. For the life of me I cannot remember why – as everything I was writing is part of who I am… but this is more.. kosher.

This blog – I am hoping – is one where I will be more consistent. More on topic. Potentially be able to use to further myself in some way. I also hope that somewhere, in the interverse I will find someone out there, who will read a post and relate. I don’t care if you find it helpful (though that would be a huge bonus) – but it is very important that as human beings, we connect with others on some level. Maybe I can be that connection for someone! Wouldn’t that be awesome??

I plan on having specific days to write about specific things. Okay. I will admit. I want to talk about video games, and mental illness. Specifically MY mental illnesses and how I use video games to help me get through.

(Hopefully me putting all this shizzaz in the about me section, will help with my accountability.. its a very, VERY, long shot… but you never know)

Assuming I post every day… there will be themes! Everyone likes themes! You can even dress up! It will be a blog full of theme fiend readers! I can’t wait!

How you can reach me:

If you happen to be a gamer, and you want to talk to me about stuff…. email me! I may blog it all, but I love talking games!

If you think you know of a game that I should review/look into… email me!

If you have a mental illness and need someone to talk to…. feel free to call 1-800-273-8255 (US) (Suicide Prevention Lifeline) , contact someone by visiting here (Canada)  – or check these guys out (International) .  if all that doesn’t float your boat – feel free to email me!

If you are a game Dev and want to be mercilessly interviewed, your brain picked, and potentially put on the spot – email me 🙂

If you are a troll – feel free to email. I will mercilessly blog about it , and probably mock you in the process.

Finally – if you have a blog, that you want me to give a shout out to… email me and tell me why I should pick you!




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