Games that stand the test of Time


There are certain games that will always stand the test of time.

Pac Man. Pong. Anything Mario. You know. The classics.

Then there is me. And my old graphics, click to move loves. Doom. Wolfenstein 3D. Diablo… and the wonderful Fallout and Fallout 2.

After years of not even remotely wanting to play them… I now have a laptop… and now I have spent hours and hours on these games.

My bother gifted me some games on (Good Old Games). So awesome. I now have access to some awesome titles, and cant stop playing!

My character is basically built the same way in both games. Small. Gifted. Stealthy. Big on stealing. You know… the best way to play.

I only played Fallout 1 the first night? Mostly because I tried to install some mods and kept crashing it. Plus? Without actually ever buying my new glasses – It’s hard to see with those graphics . 😀

So far? I have dug graves, stolen everything possible. Tried, in vain, to not be drawn into everything possible that there is to do. But so far? I am only at The Den. The second town after the starting village. Can’t bring myself to leave anywhere until every option is exhausted.

Its… almost exhausting. (Haha! See what I did there? Brought the two paragraphs together. )

But now? It is bed time. Not Fallout time. I am totally NOT going to stay up all night again. Not at all. Nope. I’m going to be responsible.


Who am I kidding. I’ll just drink even more coffee tomorrow 🙂


Monday: Game Review.. kinda

Hey everyone!

I had an entire post all written up on my phone. It was all about Battlefield four.

It was a good write up.

Unfortunately- I am a little bit manic right now. This means that in the middle of the last paragraph. .. I put the phone down to do something else.

I closed the program, and for some reason it didn’t save any partial drafts. No idea why.

So. Let me say this as a recap (I’ll fix it tomorrow):

Game is good. Harder then BLOPS2 control wise. Conquest is my favourite multiplayer mode.

There were a lot of issues with launch. Crashing. Freezing.  Corruption of save files. So many bugs that didnt have to be there.

Even with the latest update I am still finding that my saves are getting corrupted after certain maps on multiplayer. So yes, I am done with single player, for now.  There are only so many times I am willing to restart my progress due to a glitch.

Though… why does no one talk?!? I have only managed to find one squad where everyone talked. One. Wtf people. Communication makes the game more fun!

Does anyone have a raptor account? Because I am the only one on my list, so I’m a total bad ass. Elite at everything.

Also? Add me to Xbox. Tell me where you are from (my blog) and we can kill things together!  My gamer tag is: Remittingdust09 look me up!

(Edited for spelling)

Friday’s are Pimpin’

Hello Everyone!

It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!

Isn’t that a lovely earworm? If you don’t know what I am talking about, here. You’re welcome. 

Not that I am pimping that song. It just happened to pop into my head, so I decided to share the horror with everyone.

Anyways – Today I want to link to an amazing TED TALK with a lady who invented a video game to help deal with her depression.




Wednesday REWIND! (On a Thursday) : Bioshock on Xbox 360

Hey everyone!

How are y’all doing? I am doing okay. Thanks for asking.

Yesterday was supposed to be a Wednesday Rewind – but I had a bad headache for most of the day – so I slept. Due to this fact, I have decided to do yesterday’s review, today. YAY!

Today I am going to review Bioshock for the Xbox 360 by 2K.

Game:  Bioshock
Developers: 2K
Released: Xbox 360 and Microsoft Games for Windows – August 2007
Genre:  First Person Shooter

Characters available:



This. Game. I hadn’t played the first Bioshock until recently. I had been a fan of the artwork, and the concept for a while – and had only played Bioshock 2. So I thought – well… I know what Bioshock is all about… I will probably only causally play this while my leg heals after surgery.  Was I ever wrong. 

Bioshock has all the design elements I love in this kind of single player game. Colours. Lines. Detail. Story. Variation of outcomes. I was super impressed with the game overall. Using plot lines, NPCs, and events that are based directly on your decisions – I felt like I had my own, completely unique game. Everything about this game gets me excited.

Set in the 60’s – Rapture is an underground “paradise” created by Andrew Ryan. A man who figured that the world was full of unsavory people (Russians, Germans, CIA, etc) – so he had this underwater Utopia built. Which is a really cool idea, and is something that I am sure would appeal to a bucket-ton of people. Unfortunately the city has become over-run by “Splicers” – people who have taken the gene-altering drug ADAM – who are all crazed out and addicted. They are the main re-occuring enemy, with different variations of the same. Each type of Splicer having a specific type of ability, weakness, and area they are found in. Splicers, along with Big-Daddy’s, Little Sisters, and Bosses – fill each part of the world.

The intro has you seeing all these different parts of the environment, as you are propelled around the outside of rapture in a sub. The visuals are totally awesome. You get to experience the whole “map”, and get a pretty clear picture of what it once was. I was stoked.

The game is led by interaction via instructions from a CB radio. Atlas – the main character that Jack hears from – sends you on various tasks and through various scripted events. From one end of Rapture to the other, he has Jack finding information, and killing over powered Splicers/Bosses. Each aspect of the game has a feel of player control. Will you be good, or will you be evil? Will you hack and steal, or will you pay for everything. What genetic modifications will you use the most? Will you harvest the Little Sisters, or save them? Every choice – gives you a different outcome. (I have only played through once as of yet. Being a saviour of Little Sisters, collector of data, and a master hacker – I would still like to play the game by harvesting all the Little Sisters and see how that changes the story). While completing set tasks – you still get to choose your own adventure.

There are so many things to do and see within the game. I became totally immersed and addicted. I played for hours on end, days in a row. And I never became sick of the game. Not once did I think to myself  “Dammit not again” in regards to fighting any splicers, interacting with any environment, or defeating any boss. There are little things you can find … graffiti, newspapers, kid toys, and places that look as if the people just stepped out for a moment. Everywhere I looked was something new. Also: I was completely not even close to suspecting the ending. Not even close.

I was recently described as a “content devourer” style of gamer. Meaning – I like to visit every part of the map. Collect every item. Listen to and read all the back story. Complete every side mission. Which is true. I do ALL THE THINGS. (I basically blame this on Diablo, and Diablo 2. Going down every hallway so that you can make sure you find/kill everything you need to. I even have a system of always staying left. Hugging the left wall, taking left turns first… until I return to the beginning of the room/area having fully explored everything.) What does this mean for me? It means that while playing Bioshock I was in heaven. So much to do and see!

Overall – I would say this game – everything about it – has turned into one of my all time favourite games to play. I even plan on replaying it again soon to see about other outcomes. So good job 2K. Good job indeed.

Scores out of 10 for each category:

Musical Score :9/10 I tend to turn the main music down if it is too repetitive. This was not. Lots of variations, you can hear the Splicers talking, radio communications/diaries – always something new to listen to and appreciate. (Though – I swear I heard “Welcome to the Circus of Value” in my dreams)

Graphics -10/10 I can’t give it any less. It incorporates a whole bunch of my favourite graphic features in games. I was not disappointed once.

Gore – 6/10 There is a nice, safe amount of gore. You can kill people, see their blood, throw their bodies around using telekinesis, blow them up, set them on fire, electrocute them… so lots of fun stuff, with nothing that made me want to gag. 🙂

Story – 10/10 The story was epic. I was never once bored. Even knowing a basic story spoiler from playing some Bioshock 2 – I was in no way disappointed. So engrossing and engaging. Loved it.

Stigmas– You could say there is a stigma that all addicts are out to kill you, and steal your genetic information… but I feel that the search for ADAM, and the steampunk nature of the whole game, made this easy to overlook.

Anxiety – 3/10 There isn’t much to become anxious about… but I do tend to freak out a little if I start to get low on health while fighting something, or when I accidental trip an alarm while hacking, and don’t have even enough money to turn the bots off. Pretty specific to me issues.

So. Overall I give this game a 9.5/10. So awesome. The story, colours, character development, level design… everything about it rocked my socks. Despite being rated M (had killing, and I believe it had swearing), this is a game I could easily see someone younger playing. I would recommend this game to any and everyone.



Gamer Trap


I’m in the number one trap gamers become prey to…

I started playing a new game about… well… right after I said I was going to blog.

I have not been able to focus on, or do anything else since I started. And its not my usual trap of online multiplayer FPS. It is a RPG.

I am playing Dragon Age: Orgins for the first time. I cannot put it down. Being I am a single player content devourer… I am in heaven.

My biggest accomplishment in the hours and hours that I have been playing?

I managed to get the other Grey Warden, a Templar named Alistair – to fall in love with my Dwarf Rogue, Buttercup.

When they finally admitted their love and spent the night together… it was so romantic. The cutscenes gave just enough of a hint, the music was perfect… I actually got giddy.

I still get a stupid smile on my face when I think about their love affair.

And that my friends? Is the mark of a truely great gaming experience.

Alas, it is time to bid you adieu.

My Templar romance is a calling… and I am a slave to the game, who am I to resist?

See you all on the other side (or when I can drag myself up for air…)