OMG! How could I forget to blog??

I cannot believe I have not blogged in… well… a long time.

I was going to say that I didn’t know how that could have happened… but I totally know what happened. The Doctor, that’s what. 

I started watching the reboot of Dr.Who on Netflix. I think that was… well… a weekish ago? I am not quite sure. My ability to assess time frames has been turned all timey-whimey. My every available moment was spent hanging out with the Doctor, and his companions. 

I may have tweeted some times about it… but… my heart has been stolen.

Let me say – I was already a Whovian. Having watched many an episode on TV (when I had access to it), as well as watching quite a bit of the older stuff when that first was on Netflix. I own a sonic screwdriver, that doubles as a pen, a miniature Dalak that I was able to trick into the plastic ray – making him tiny and basically not a threat. I have a copy of the book of impossible things, from when the Doctor made himself human to hide from The Family. I have a hoodie that has an amazingly done embroidery of a Dalak on the back of it. 

See? Whovian.

Yet… I can still get sucked into The Doctor’s universe. Become so … into what is going on that I cry along with the characters. Feeling the pain of the loss of Rose. The fear of the Weeping Angels. The sadness of the regeneration from Tenth to Eleventh. The confusion and… acceptance of the timeline folding/changing – especially where it concerns Melody Pond. 

Even now… I find myself missing The Doctor. Trying to figure out how I can continue to feed my addiction. Hating the fact that I have to wait in order to get another fix. 

I must go… I think I hear the TARDIS