I’m using precious battery power to type this…

I’m sitting in front of the reception desk at Ubisoft Montreal.  I.. the squeee… is phenomenal. 

Achievement Unlocked : Nerdgasm – Level Expert –  Ubisoft Montreal




Tuesday: Life Review

Hey everyone!

I am still on my trip and I am so SOOO grateful that you guys are willing to support me, and wait around for me to get back into the swing of things.

So far…

I got to Ontario on Wednesday last week. I managed to go to bed early,

Thursday, I spent the day with Daddy. We watched some tv, had a couple naps… you know.. quality time 😀

Friday I spent at the mall. I spent quite a few hours walking around. Luckily I had my air cast on, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to walk at ALL. I ended up buying some awesome leggings at Addition Elle. They make me feel sexy. I also found that I can fit in the plus clothes at Forever 21. I would have *never* thought I could do that. Ever. It makes me feel so much better about my weight loss (and recent 10 lb weight gain. Water weight/bloating sucks monkey balls). (Pictures of clothes I either bought or tried on and liked will be on the page where I am posting the photos from the trip. Assuming that page ever uploads from the WordPress app. I seem to be having a few issues with that recently)

Saturday – we had a family Euchre tournament. I had never played before, but I was able to learn some and sit in for my dad during a couple of rounds of play. He did have to help me a lot 🙂

Euchre is a huge thing with my family. They have always had tournaments, and played pretty regularly. I am glad that I can now take part in this part of the family social/interactions. It makes me so happy to be able to share these family activities. I live, and always have lived, far away from the group. And we are a BIG group. (I think there are like.. hmm… now I have to count. c(m),w(p),d(u),b(k),r(p),t(l). v(j),g(c),d(n),f(c),k,a(d),j,t,j,j,c(l),me, – then the cousin’s babies: g,x,c,c,k. And that is just my dad’s family. So that is… 25. Not including other people (second cousins, dad’s aunts, etc). Oh! make that 28! I have step siblings.. so… actually 30 😀 )

Not everyone was there (of course) but there is still a huge family on my dad’s side.

Sunday was another day spent with my Dad, and step mom.

Monday evening I spent with my Aunt Theresa. We went out for dinner, went to my grandparents plot, and then went shopping. I found a really awesome top that goes great with my leggings 😀

On my mom’s side there are way fewer people… but : t(c),j(d),t then the cousins = t(a),d(d),p(g), s and c occasionally :P. The second gen cousins = a, c, c, s, j

So yeah, I have a big family.

Today is Tuesday – I first went to the spa… got my eyebrows did.  Then? Daddy and I went to go see Thor: The Dark World.(IMDB)

ZOMG! SOOO FREAKING AWESOME! I love my superhero movies. So much so. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is hotness, though… I kinda have a thing for Loki (Tom Hiddleston)… and Darcy. Such adorable cuteness on that girl.. (Plus the actress? Kat Dennings? One of my absolute favourites)

I still have much to do while I am here. Visiting. Two days left in Hamilton. Friday morning I bus to Ottawa. Super excited for that as well. Going to hit the hill, see the Santa Claus parade, potentially meet up with a fellow lawsbian, and of course – spend time with my love, Katt.

I do go to Montreal in the time between getting to Ottawa and flying back home, so that is just a little extra bonus 😀

Thanks for sticking with me guys!


Wednesday Rewind! (Again with the not posting, wordpress app?)

Hey guys!

I’m headed out on my trip!

Since I can’t review a game… I figured I would share my story from my last trip.


Get to the airport. Have the dog. He is going with me on the plane. I know. I must be crazy. Every one is Gushing over him. He of course is shaking like a leaf. In a tornado. On speed.

So. Get through security and the interaction happens like this :

Security person : Do you need help?

Me: I don’t think so. He only weighs 6 pounds. And my purse is pretty purse like.
Her : I meant with putting your dog in the kennel.

Me: Now?

Her :  Yes

Me: I don’t think so….

I then proceed to sit on the floor,  holding my dog and trying to make him get I  this newfangled soft sided kennel. It went like this….

Me: Time to get in the crate.

Asher : Fuck you.

Me: Common. It’s only for a few hours. Well. Three and a half. Ish. If we are lucky.

Asher : Fuck. You.

Me: The nice lady says you have to.

Asher : Fuck her too then.

Me : Get in the motherfucking bag aol we can gte on the motherfucking plane.

Asher: Yup can’t make me!

Massive struggles ensued.

I finally grabbed all his legs,  flipped him on his back and shoved him in facw first.

Me: HA!  I win asshole!!!!


He didn’t make any noise thwarted rest of the waiting period. He only flopped around a bit in his crate as we took off.

Then he let his anal glands release a bit.

Well played doggy. Well played.

And that’s why I can’t travel anywhere.


Tuesday : Life Review

God I suck right now.

Yesterday (Monday) was full of packing and stress. No games were even turned on.


Today I am doing last minute errands.

I get on the plane tomorrow morning, and there is still so much to do!

I’m hoping I’ll still get to do some game reviews, and blogs. In fact, I brought my DS for just that purpose.

But – first I need to get my shite together. So much still to do!

I love you all though, and will post again asap 🙂


Sunday Funday?

It’s Sunday!

Today… was again – busy. 

Built a feeder for the horses (kinda).
Marked some tests for a friend.
Watched a movie (kinda)
Did cleaning that had to get done (mostly).


Guys. I leave on the plane to Ontario,  Wednesday am. I’m frantically trying to pack. Yet… still stay calm.

I need enough layer-able clothes to be warm, yet flexible. I need something to wear at night. Something to wear on the plane. I need winter type stuff..  plus I have to fit all my toiletries.  And a few other things that could get bulky. 

I’m freaking out!

I  made lists… but knowing me, I’ll probably pack and unpack about 50 times between now and going to my mom’s.  PLUS another three or four times once I’m there.


Anyways – here is my favorite cat comic.




It (was) Saturday Bitches!

Omg guys!

I get a major fail for this week!

There has been a crap load of stuff going on!

Wednesday…. I don’t even REMEMBER Wednesday.

Thursday – was supposed to be interview day. I decided that at least for this month… it was gonna take a back burner. So much going on.

Friday was easy. Just pimped my favorite article of the week..

Today? Wow.

I had piano. Then we got hay. (About 100ish bales). This required driving across town with me as a pilot car.

Loading the truck. Unloading the truck, and stacking the hay. Three times.

Then there was a break… while everyone got rested, I put my leg up, and discovered that my battlefield SP progression was lost. (Might have been my fault. No clue. )

Had to restart from the beginning (managed to get some dog tags and guns I missed though.) That beginning cut scene? LONG. Especially when you’ve seen it a bunch of times. (I’m kind if a perfectionist.  I restarted twice before to make sure I got gold on each mission.)

Playes that a few hours – and then Dez and Ryan came over and we played Life. Which? Was fucking awesome, though did get very cutthroat at the end.

Add in some taco salad for dinner…. nd you have one over tired and sore girl.

Plus- I need to get packed. I’m pretty sure I’m going to crash at my  moms Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday I leave for Ontario.  I’m soooo excited! I can’t wait to see everyone!

So yeah.  Busy bees around here.  (Plus battling SAD all the time. Fucking winter darkness. And the cold. Can’t forget the cold.)

So yeah. That’s why my blogging has been shit this week. I’m really very sorry.