The perils of Writers Block


I am so stoked to be with a working computer writing set up again. SOOO stoked.

Apparently my brain does not agree. I am suffering a horrid case of writers block. Well not in what I understand, is the traditional form of writers block. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, or write. I have sooo much going on in my brain, all of which needs to be out on paper/screen. I just cant figure out how to get it from my brain, through my fingers, and out.

I constantly get what I call “Brain Farts”. I know what I’m supposed to do/say/spell but I just cant get it out. Those are the times when I need to ask how to spell “together” or “consequences”, or something as simple as “Smile”. It’s those times when I am trying to talk to someone, and know what I want to say, but cant find the right word. Or I know the right word, but my mouth wont form them properly. That’s when I stutter, and get really frustrated with myself. It seems to be even worse lately, now that I am practicing my French and such. (Who knew a larger gauge tongue piercing would restrict my ability to pronounce the most common of words?)

So. I have so much I need to write. So much I need to say. Maybe if I record myself actually saying it out loud, I will be able to transcribe and overcome this horrid block.

I have also been told to write something, ANYTHING, daily. Whether it is a few words, a poem, a dirty limerick or a full on post. Just something to get my fingers and brain reconnected.

Here’s Hoping.


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