Hey everyone!


I have decided to come back. Because I’m awesome 🙂

Since I was writing last:

I had an amazing job. 

I got an Xbone. 

I lost weight, gained weight,  and now am angry at my weight.

I have the most awkward back tan. One strip above my ass.

I am also traveling a lot more.  Which fucking rocks 😀

But yeah – my life is kind of good 🙂 


So: now… to figure out a topic 😉




OMG! How could I forget to blog??

I cannot believe I have not blogged in… well… a long time.

I was going to say that I didn’t know how that could have happened… but I totally know what happened. The Doctor, that’s what. 

I started watching the reboot of Dr.Who on Netflix. I think that was… well… a weekish ago? I am not quite sure. My ability to assess time frames has been turned all timey-whimey. My every available moment was spent hanging out with the Doctor, and his companions. 

I may have tweeted some times about it… but… my heart has been stolen.

Let me say – I was already a Whovian. Having watched many an episode on TV (when I had access to it), as well as watching quite a bit of the older stuff when that first was on Netflix. I own a sonic screwdriver, that doubles as a pen, a miniature Dalak that I was able to trick into the plastic ray – making him tiny and basically not a threat. I have a copy of the book of impossible things, from when the Doctor made himself human to hide from The Family. I have a hoodie that has an amazingly done embroidery of a Dalak on the back of it. 

See? Whovian.

Yet… I can still get sucked into The Doctor’s universe. Become so … into what is going on that I cry along with the characters. Feeling the pain of the loss of Rose. The fear of the Weeping Angels. The sadness of the regeneration from Tenth to Eleventh. The confusion and… acceptance of the timeline folding/changing – especially where it concerns Melody Pond. 

Even now… I find myself missing The Doctor. Trying to figure out how I can continue to feed my addiction. Hating the fact that I have to wait in order to get another fix. 

I must go… I think I hear the TARDIS



This is Tuesday. Well. Kinda.Wednesday Rewind moves to Thursday.

So, it’s been a rough couple of days chez moi.  Like a huge, bloody battle is going on inside my skull. It makes for some interesting daytime activities.

(I spent about an hour yesterday looking at the patterns in my couch and trying to decide what, if any, type of fish it looks like. Okay. It may have been more then an hour)


(Though orange and plaidish patterned- this couch/hideabed is sooo comfy. Also its where I have been sleeping since my surgery in December. )

But that’s what sometimes happens when your brain has a chemical imbalance.  No matter how on track I am with meds, etc – I have times where I can’t deal. It makes life interesting to say the least.

Lately I have been dealing with symptoms of mania.

Mainly these:
extremely irritable
Sleeping very little, but feeling extremely energetic
Talking so rapidly that others can’t keep up
Racing thoughts; jumping quickly from one idea to the next
Highly distractible, unable to concentrate
Impaired judgment and impulsiveness
(Others that you dont need to know)

These are the main issues that are plaguing me right now.

I cant even play a game properly. I get bored/distracted after about 10-15 minutes and jump up to do something else.

I’ve read 5 books in the last 4 days. I’ve baked at 10pm. I’ve cleaned and vacuumed the livingroom, then within minutes it was messy again because I had brought out colouring books/crafts.

My leg doesn’t stop shaking. I barely sleep – and because it has been a few days…. I’m starting to get really irritable. 

There is an upside though. I’m not depressed. Lol.

Anyways- I better go because I’m starving to death, I want to watch Dr.Who and crochet something.

Btw. Did you know llamas do it laying down? True story.

Monday: Game Review.. kinda

Hey everyone!

I had an entire post all written up on my phone. It was all about Battlefield four.

It was a good write up.

Unfortunately- I am a little bit manic right now. This means that in the middle of the last paragraph. .. I put the phone down to do something else.

I closed the program, and for some reason it didn’t save any partial drafts. No idea why.

So. Let me say this as a recap (I’ll fix it tomorrow):

Game is good. Harder then BLOPS2 control wise. Conquest is my favourite multiplayer mode.

There were a lot of issues with launch. Crashing. Freezing.  Corruption of save files. So many bugs that didnt have to be there.

Even with the latest update I am still finding that my saves are getting corrupted after certain maps on multiplayer. So yes, I am done with single player, for now.  There are only so many times I am willing to restart my progress due to a glitch.

Though… why does no one talk?!? I have only managed to find one squad where everyone talked. One. Wtf people. Communication makes the game more fun!

Does anyone have a raptor account? Because I am the only one on my list, so I’m a total bad ass. Elite at everything.

Also? Add me to Xbox. Tell me where you are from (my blog) and we can kill things together!  My gamer tag is: Remittingdust09 look me up!

(Edited for spelling)

It’s Saturday Bitches!

Sup everyone!

It is Saturday! The day when all you normal folk have a weekend. (Every day is like a weekend for me, so I’ve got no complaints here).

There were two things that I was going to talk about/post about. Unfortunately I literally just forgot about one of them.

So anyways… here is a poem I wrote. Probably quite a while ago now. I found it while I was searching for old resumes. There isn’t much to it… but every once in a while… it just… feels right.


the trees were always green
the flowers always bloomed
the children always played

the sun always shone
the table always had food
the magick always stayed

the fridge always had food
the world was always right
the laughter always flowed

But that all ends
nothing stays the same
the joy leaches away

you grow up

(Yes – I know it is kinda depressing. I was depressed when I wrote it okay? Sheesh)