Tuesday: Life Review

Hey everyone!  I’m back!

Its been a freaking crazy month and a bit, non?

Short recap: Trip, Home, Surgery, Life, Surgery Complications,  Life, Today 🙂

I am going to try and get back on top of the blogging thing. I seem to be out of whatever funk I was in. I hope.

I think I will tell more about my trip on Thursdays.  Kinda break it up a bit.

But yeah, anyways…

I think I mentioned I had surgery the beginning of December.  I had hardware taken out of my leg from a previous surgery (after I broke it in April). While only a day surgery – it was still interesting. 

My leg? Almost immediately felt so much better then when the plate was in… yet it still hurt like a mofo from the surgery. ..if that makes any sense.

Things went good though.  I was allowed to put weight on it right away. Which of course ment I probably over did it – and then over babied it. It is what I do.

Things were going great. Stitches came out,  I was allowed to shower… everything was fantastic!

Unfortunately there was an infection under where one of the stitches was (were? Had been? That sounds better)

I was running my finger down one of the steristrips because it was starting to pull off. Well, my finger went right into the incision.  I touched bone.

After about 20min of gagging and crying, I drove myself to the hospital. Where they cleaned me up, gave me massive antibiotics,  and told me to book with my surgeon.  Which I did.

So. That happened boxingday.  It is now the middle of January,  and I think I am almost done with the bandage changes and visits to the community nurse.  I hope.

Either way – it meant another few weeks of sponge baths and washing my hair in the kitchen sink. Not the greatest thing ever. But I did shave my legs Sunday.  That was a celebration, right there.

Ive also had my brother stay with me to help me out with all the after surgery ‘fetch-n-carry’ so that’s been nice.

I have been able to play a few games too. Totally have lots of fodder for reviewing! Yay new content!

I hope that you guys got along okay without me. I know how important I am to everyone, so I’m glad you’re all okay. 😉



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