Public Service Announcement

I am not very active lately, mostly because of life.

But I would like to say:

If you are a friend (real life or online only) – and you start to go creepy on me – or start making me feel uncomfortable IN ANY WAY … I have no issues blocking your ass.

Yes. That means YOU.

I dont care if I’ve known you for five minutes, or five years.

I’m not talking of that uncomfortable feeling that I get when I read something, or watch something “off”. Nor am I talking about the uncomfortable feeling of having disappointed someone special to me. I have no problem being physically uncomfortable if the situation is right/called for…

I am talking about that feeling when a “friend” starts making sexual comments. When you’ve made it clear to someone how you feel about them, yet they continue to try and convince you that, no, in fact you feel this way. The way it makes your skin crawl when someone initiates or holds that hug a little too long.

I’m not dumb. I KNOW that you find yourself so clever, with your underhanded comments. That you feel like if you just re-word something – it will change everything. That if you just-keep-trying … eventually you’ll get somewhere.

You’re right. You will get somewhere. Blocked. Without ANY sort of relationship with me, friend or otherwise, and all future possible opportunities that might have occured.

Because if the thought of you potentially seeing my friends-only pictures (or reading a more personal post), makes my stomach drop, and I consider taking them down rather then chancing you seeing them? Something is seriously wrong.

Yes. This IS all about me.

I need to feel safe and comfortable in my surroundings, and with those I choose to surround myself with. a hard lesson to learn – but one I am embracing without looking back.

This slice of the world? This corner of the sandbox? … IS MINE . Play by my rules or GTFO.

Please return to your regularly scheduled surfing


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