I’m different now. Yet better.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person (Updated)

Last year, when I read this… I had the eyeroll approach to viewing it. I felt that my mental illnesses made it so that I couldn’t *be* a closer – no matter what I tried.

This year, I read the article a second time and I’m inspired.

I am totally seeing the difference. Last year I was a good person. This year I am a good person who actively helps out others.

Last year I was going to lose weight. This year I *did* lose weight because I became active and tried.

Before I was suffering through my shit. This year I learned that I can overcome my shit and use it to motovate myself and others

So yeah. I’m a different version of me then I was this time last year.

And that? Feels fucking amazing.



Common, tell me how awesome I am....

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