Gamer Trap


I’m in the number one trap gamers become prey to…

I started playing a new game about… well… right after I said I was going to blog.

I have not been able to focus on, or do anything else since I started. And its not my usual trap of online multiplayer FPS. It is a RPG.

I am playing Dragon Age: Orgins for the first time. I cannot put it down. Being I am a single player content devourer… I am in heaven.

My biggest accomplishment in the hours and hours that I have been playing?

I managed to get the other Grey Warden, a Templar named Alistair – to fall in love with my Dwarf Rogue, Buttercup.

When they finally admitted their love and spent the night together… it was so romantic. The cutscenes gave just enough of a hint, the music was perfect… I actually got giddy.

I still get a stupid smile on my face when I think about their love affair.

And that my friends? Is the mark of a truely great gaming experience.

Alas, it is time to bid you adieu.

My Templar romance is a calling… and I am a slave to the game, who am I to resist?

See you all on the other side (or when I can drag myself up for air…)



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