Surgery. Ugh.

So. April I broke my leg. I had much surgery, screws, plates, pain… physical rehab facility. … and constant pain/swelling/limited mobility since.

They did a ct scan, and discovered what looked like a hole in the bone around one of the screws. So they decided to take a peek.

(Luckily I was able to get my Ontario/Montreal trip in first!)

Anyways, yesterday was the day.

They removed all the hardware, did a scope of my ankle joint, something else, another something else….

Yeah – I don’t really remember much when I’m barely awake after surgery.  I mean…by this time I’m usually well into the shakes.

But! Before the surgery she said she was going to do thw hardware removal, the scope, and a possible culture of the bone infection, with possibly a graft. So maybe that’s what she did?

I see her again on the 23rd. This time I am allowed to walk, pretty much right away as pain allows.

Yesterday I was fine.  All that local anaesthetic,  plus the other surgery drugs. I bled through the dressing overnight though so I had to hit the walk in clinic this morning.

Today? After the dressing change… oh my god. I just can’t catch a break. Totally different pain then last time. Better even?… but nothing seems to be touching it. And its a burny kind of pain.

Oh. And this is the third time I have been refused narcotic pain medication. Theu don’t even offer it.  Why? I don’t know. But my suspicion?  After talking with others who have the same surgery, surgeon, outcome.. is my mental illnesses.*** That is the only difference. I have documented,  long standing, mental illness. That… is why I feel I am told to take xtra strength Tylenol when the 15 t3’s they have prescribed run out. And the guy next to me? Gets tramocet and hydromorph.  With a refil. No.. there is no stigma/judgement there… none at all. (Fucker didn’t even have hardware removed. Just a scope)***

***is probably a hot headed, pain induced,  assumption. Also…for all I know… the guy next to me, and our conversation happened when I was under. So not at all. Or maybe it did..those first three hours suck.****

I will include some pictures of my battle wounds, after the “more” . Warning. May be squicky.  I may  also just make a segment of weekly updates to the leg-log. Yeah… I’ll do that…


This is where I wussed out and asked for a breather before taking off that last strip.


Here is a topish view my mom tried to take for me. She wasn’t that into it. Lol


This is thd final one I’m going to put up today. Yes. That top bit is a hole. There is also one on the other side of my leg/ankle area.  I am assuming it is from the scope , as I had similar tape jobs on my stomach after my laparoscopic thing. I’d check spelling but pain = not care.


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