Tuesday: Life Review

Hey everyone!

I am still on my trip and I am so SOOO grateful that you guys are willing to support me, and wait around for me to get back into the swing of things.

So far…

I got to Ontario on Wednesday last week. I managed to go to bed early,

Thursday, I spent the day with Daddy. We watched some tv, had a couple naps… you know.. quality time πŸ˜€

Friday I spent at the mall. I spent quite a few hours walking around. Luckily I had my air cast on, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to walk at ALL. I ended up buying some awesome leggings at Addition Elle. They make me feel sexy. I also found that I can fit in the plus clothes at Forever 21. I would have *never* thought I could do that. Ever. It makes me feel so much better about my weight loss (and recent 10 lb weight gain. Water weight/bloating sucks monkey balls). (Pictures of clothes I either bought or tried on and liked will be on the page where I am posting the photos from the trip. Assuming that page ever uploads from the WordPress app. I seem to be having a few issues with that recently)

Saturday – we had a family Euchre tournament. I had never played before, but I was able to learn some and sit in for my dad during a couple of rounds of play. He did have to help me a lot πŸ™‚

Euchre is a huge thing with my family. They have always had tournaments, and played pretty regularly. I am glad that I can now take part in this part of the family social/interactions. It makes me so happy to be able to share these family activities. I live, and always have lived, far away from the group. And we are a BIG group. (I think there are like.. hmm… now I have to count. c(m),w(p),d(u),b(k),r(p),t(l). v(j),g(c),d(n),f(c),k,a(d),j,t,j,j,c(l),me, – then the cousin’s babies: g,x,c,c,k. And that is just my dad’s family. So that is… 25. Not including other people (second cousins, dad’s aunts, etc). Oh! make that 28! I have step siblings.. so… actually 30 πŸ˜€ )

Not everyone was there (of course) but there is still a huge family on my dad’s side.

Sunday was another day spent with my Dad, and step mom.

Monday evening I spent with my Aunt Theresa. We went out for dinner, went to my grandparents plot, and then went shopping. I found a really awesome top that goes great with my leggings πŸ˜€

On my mom’s side there are way fewer people… but : t(c),j(d),t then the cousins = t(a),d(d),p(g), s and c occasionally :P. The second gen cousins = a, c, c, s, j

So yeah, I have a big family.

Today is Tuesday – I first went to the spa… got my eyebrows did. Β Then? Daddy and I went to go see Thor: The Dark World.(IMDB)

ZOMG! SOOO FREAKING AWESOME! I love my superhero movies. So much so. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is hotness, though… I kinda have a thing for Loki (Tom Hiddleston)… and Darcy. Such adorable cuteness on that girl.. (Plus the actress? Kat Dennings? One of my absolute favourites)

I still have much to do while I am here. Visiting. Two days left in Hamilton. Friday morning I bus to Ottawa. Super excited for that as well. Going to hit the hill, see the Santa Claus parade, potentially meet up with a fellow lawsbian, and of course – spend time with my love, Katt.

I do go to Montreal in the time between getting to Ottawa and flying back home, so that is just a little extra bonus πŸ˜€

Thanks for sticking with me guys!



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