Wednesday Rewind! (Again with the not posting, wordpress app?)

Hey guys!

I’m headed out on my trip!

Since I can’t review a game… I figured I would share my story from my last trip.


Get to the airport. Have the dog. He is going with me on the plane. I know. I must be crazy. Every one is Gushing over him. He of course is shaking like a leaf. In a tornado. On speed.

So. Get through security and the interaction happens like this :

Security person : Do you need help?

Me: I don’t think so. He only weighs 6 pounds. And my purse is pretty purse like.
Her : I meant with putting your dog in the kennel.

Me: Now?

Her :  Yes

Me: I don’t think so….

I then proceed to sit on the floor,  holding my dog and trying to make him get I  this newfangled soft sided kennel. It went like this….

Me: Time to get in the crate.

Asher : Fuck you.

Me: Common. It’s only for a few hours. Well. Three and a half. Ish. If we are lucky.

Asher : Fuck. You.

Me: The nice lady says you have to.

Asher : Fuck her too then.

Me : Get in the motherfucking bag aol we can gte on the motherfucking plane.

Asher: Yup can’t make me!

Massive struggles ensued.

I finally grabbed all his legs,  flipped him on his back and shoved him in facw first.

Me: HA!  I win asshole!!!!


He didn’t make any noise thwarted rest of the waiting period. He only flopped around a bit in his crate as we took off.

Then he let his anal glands release a bit.

Well played doggy. Well played.

And that’s why I can’t travel anywhere.



Common, tell me how awesome I am....

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