Sunday Funday?

It’s Sunday!

Today… was again – busy. 

Built a feeder for the horses (kinda).
Marked some tests for a friend.
Watched a movie (kinda)
Did cleaning that had to get done (mostly).


Guys. I leave on the plane to Ontario,  Wednesday am. I’m frantically trying to pack. Yet… still stay calm.

I need enough layer-able clothes to be warm, yet flexible. I need something to wear at night. Something to wear on the plane. I need winter type stuff..  plus I have to fit all my toiletries.  And a few other things that could get bulky. 

I’m freaking out!

I  made lists… but knowing me, I’ll probably pack and unpack about 50 times between now and going to my mom’s.  PLUS another three or four times once I’m there.


Anyways – here is my favorite cat comic.





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