Wednesday REWIND! : Sonic Adventure DX

I am blogging. I know it’s late but I got distracted by the awesomeness that is Gamecube.

Today I am playing/reviewing Sonic Adventure DX – Director’s cut (On Gamecube – of course. I believe the original Sonic Adventure was for SEGA Dreamcast. Which.. I hate to admit … I have not played. EVER. So if anyone has one they want to part with, and send my way….)

Game:  Sonic Adventure DX- Director’s Cut
Developers: SEGA (Nintendo Gamecube), SEGA Europe, Activision, Sold Out Software (The SONIC TEAM ARE ACTUAL DEVS.)
Released: North America – June 18, 2003
Genre: 3D, Action, Platformer

Characters available:



SOOO CHEEZY! I could not believe how cheezy it was. OMG. I guess I am used to today’s games, and usually FPS/Military espionage games. But man, oh man… I couldn’t stop telling my dog how epically awesome it was. (I don’t think he was as enthusiastic as I was)

The beginning intro is epic. It brings back the childhood cartoon intros of Old. Full on cartoon style foreshadowing. You move throughout the game as if you were sonic speeding along. Made me giggle the entire time. I swear.

I don’t think  I have actually played this one. I know I have played many, MANY, hours of classic Sonic, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 2 – With Tails, all on the original SEGA Genesis. (And I would be playing them again if my flippin sega was working!). This one… has the characters but a much different feel.

First off – it isn’t a side scroller, it is a 3D game, with all the perks.. and downfalls that the first systems had. (The ones that had the 3D anyways). It moves and feels much like the control of SuperMario64. The round and round cameras that are hard to control. The glitchy system where sometimes you will go around a corner, but your camera cannot keep up. That kind of thing. Though – there is no awesome cloud guy holding the camera. In fact.. I have no idea who is watching Sonic and friends do all this weird stuff. I bet it is a Dr.Robotnik spy! *dun dun dun!*

The story is a bit of the same ol’ same ol’. You have to find Chaos Emeralds before Dr.Robotnik, rescue the little woodland creatures and save the day. This one has a Chaos creature that gets stronger the more Chaos Emeralds Dr.Dickead feeds to him. So you can guarantee that he will get bigger and stronger at least six times (being that there are only seven Chaos Emeralds). As a bonus though, instead of just beating Robotnik… you also get to raise/evolve/mutate these things called Chao.

Chao are tiny little egg things. All the little bunny rabbits and other animals that you rescue throughout the game – all go to the Chao garden. It is an area you get to by taking the left elevator upstairs of the hotel-thing. Inside is a fountain, a bunch of fruit trees, and all of those little bunny rabbits, penguins, and koala bears you have saved. There are also these… Chao eggs that hatch. Kind of like a tamagotchi– you pet the Chao, feed the Chao fruit, and if you pick up those little rabbits and bears, hold them to the Chao – the Chao mutate. Kinda. Basically they take on some of the attributes of the creature you hold up to them. Rabbit = +Run, Penguin = +swim. Etc.

You can then race your upgraded Chao… in Chao races. I have yet to figure out what the point of that is… other than something tangible to do with the creatures you rescued.

Here is where the other Nintendo systems interface into your Gamecube Experience. You can link your Game Boy Advance up to your Gamecube (using their special GBA adapter cable – sold separately). If you plug your gameboy in to the game cube, while you have Sonic Pinball Party loaded, and the Tiny Chao Garden selected – apparently it unlocks and opens a bunch of super secret special Chao and upgrades. YAY!

As you go through the game you find and “unlock” all the other characters. First one being Tails (of course. Dude. He is Sonic’s BFF. He HAS to be first).  You can then back out to the main menu and play/experience some things as that character. As far as I could tell there was a lot of overlap? When I got to the first area for Tails.. sonic was right the fuck there. I mean come on! Share the spotlight just a little bit! Sheesh!

Anyways – in the main menu you can choose to look at the instructions/movements for each character you have unlocked. Sonic – homing jump, Tails – flying and spin, etc etc.

To unlock the characters (six Chaos Emeralds before total monster invincibility – six unlockable characters. Coincidence? Hmmm) – you have to go through the special levels or whatever that they are found in. I personally? Spent three hours just with Sonic and Tails. The levels are SUPER easy, and fast – and I am sure I could have blasted through them in that amount of time. But I am anal. I like to explore every inch of the available map – just in case there is a super secret thing nobody else on the planet has found. It also helps that there is no time limit for the areas. I think I spent about 12 minutes just getting from the pool to Tails. Which is pretty straight and easy to do. But it is me. SOOOO – took me forever. I actually died twice because I wasn’t paying attention and hit a bad guy – then while running to get my coins back, got hit again… or managed to somehow fling myself out of the safe zone of the map and die.

The box tells me there are 30 “MASSIVE” levels, Awesome bonus games, and an all new mission mode. I’m gonna have to believe what I read because if I didn’t? This blog post would never get written. As it is.. it is 1am on THURSDAY, and I am still writing it. Because I got distracted playing, okay?

My biggest pet peeves for the game were pretty minor as pet peeves go. The music was on an annoying loop. It was short, and it didn’t blend from start to finish… you could tell when the sequence ended and the loop restarted. Kinda sloppy compared to what we get to deal with no a days. Also: Sonic needs to shut the fuck up. Yes – I may stop and not be moving. I could be getting a drink, taking a bio break, letting the dog out. I don’t need you telling me every few minutes that I “Better get going!” and “Hey hey – it’s no time to stop!”. I will stop when I damn well like to. Bossy.

Funny part? Dr.Douchecanoe gets called Dr.Egghead by Sonic and friends. Which is kinda nifty because Dr.Roboturd has a bald, egg-shaped head – and is always flying in that egg-shaped thing. Plus his body is egg-shaped. I guess it’s not that inventive of an insult. **(I guess that is actually his alias. I think it is stupid, and prefer Dr.Robotnik – or better yet Dr.Dudebag)

Robotnik does – after stealing the first Chaos Emerald from Tails – say that he is going to destroy the town, and on its ruins build a city of his own. “Robotnikland”. Sounds like a place I might like to go. Never know. The bad guys aren’t always bad.

Scores out of 10 for each category:

Musical Score : 1/10 There was music. It just freaking SUCKED.

Graphics -6/10 It moves and feels a lot like N64 3D modeled games. They were a little choppy, but that could be because I have an HDTV and was playing using an RF adapter through the antenna port.  The camera is really hard to control, and sometimes gets really choppy or stuck behind objects. So it lost points for that.

Gore – -10/10 No gore at all. You kill/destroy the bad guys? You get to watch bunnies, penguins, koalas, seals, etc  jump happily around the map. Totally anti-gore if you ask me.

Story – 4(+1)/10 The story is the same old Sonic vs Dr.Robotnic. The scenery has changed, and the end monster is different, but it is still a battle to collect the Chaos Emeralds first. (Which is kind of the thing with Sonic.. so I guess I will give it another point for posterity sake.)

Stigmas– Other then the stigma that Fat, Bald Eggheaded Robotic animal haters want to steal your jewellery? None that I could see.

Adaptability – 7/10 I am putting this in here because you can ADAPT the game to be used with your GBA. Which is kinda cool. Or would be if I had a GBA.

Anxiety – 0/10 Absolutely no anxiety was experienced by me. Just many lolz.

So. Overall I give this game a big 7/10. Because it is awesome cheezy, E for everyone, fun. It has bright colours, easy objectives and fuzzy bunnies. Totally worth playing.





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