Friday’s PIMPIN!

Today – I’m pimpin love.

This was something a friend of mine, A, was sent by her new beau. It is adorable and romantic, and TOTALLY NERDY.

My heart longs for something this geeky and awesome.


This is the kind of man I fell for…

So this is my formula for how much I miss you measured in metric tons. It may need some adjusting, but In so many words this is how it works.

M= how much i miss you in metric tons. The formula is solving for M.
t²=how many times I think of you per hour on average. squared.
a=how attracted I am to you based on common denominators of attraction like, physical and sexual attraction, and personality, you maxed out with 10/10,,
T= the time I’ve been away from you rounded to the nearest hour which is approximately 130hours.
h²=how much i hate you squared, but dont worry it came out to -5. so (-5)²=25, I had to calculate in every possible variable into this. 
So this formula
turns into this. And worked out following algebra rules.

M=5740 metric tons.

So I miss you a lot..
And I didn’t even calculate in the power of your eyes and kiss..

That is pimpin.

If you don’t keep him A, send him my way – cause damn.



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