Thursday : its Halloween! !

So. Thursday is supposed to be interviews.
I was all gung-ho this morning.  I was interested in getting the blog done, and doing a good job.

But first I was going to play Battlefield. Which I did. And it was lovely. 

But then…

I got hit with a giant ball of suck.  A needy, sucky, ball of suck.

I also think I’m low on some sort of vitamins. I’m fine in the morning…then crash around three pm. Then awake a lot at night… I’m thinking too many bananas, plus not enough iron and D3.

Anyways. Here is a thing that was written on Fl. I have permission from the author to reprint.

It struck a certain chord with me.  You know what I mean?? *for you. Because feels*

When you miss someone

When you miss someone, it makes no difference that just last night; you were flesh to flesh, heart to heart, and soul to soul with him.

You wake up the morning after and feel empty because just two days ago, your hands were holding his, your lips locked, and your body intertwined in time and space.

Only three days has passed, but it feels as though an eternity has gone by since he had wrapped you up in his arms, swept your hair back from your face, and told you just how proud he is of his good little girl.

It doesn’t matter that merely four days ago, you felt the whole world fade away until the only thing left was the sound of his beating heart next to yours.

On the fifth morning, you wake up realizing that it is not just his presence you miss, but that you long to hear the sound of his laughter, feel the intimacy of his hand on your body, and catch the lingering smell of him on your bed sheets.

You crave his very essence.

Although it has only been six days since he breathed the air you breathed, the number of days has no bearing on the ache in your chest. You finally feel your heart waking up and the walls tumbling down.

It is beside the point that only seven days ago, you caught him smiling as you head to the corner with a cherry bottom and you felt your little girl heart swell because you made him happy.

It is unimportant that it was eight, and not three or ten days ago, that you felt the jolt in your bones when his smile reached all the way to his twinkling eyes and you know that you were the one who put it there.

It is irrelevant that for the past nine days; you have been calling each other, texting in between, and that he is the first person you talk to in the morning and the last at night.

On the tenth morning, you wake up realizing that when you miss someone, it is how your heart chooses to remind you that you love him…and you wouldn’t trade his love for anything in the world.

So you take a deep breath, smile at the dawning of a new day, and adopt a fresh mindset.

Today, you know that it has been ten days from when you last saw him, and now you know that you are one day closer to seeing him again.

NOTE: This piece was written for my beautiful friend, Michelle, who is currently struggling with her other half being thousands of miles apart from her. She and I had a lovely heart-to-heart yesterday and I crafted up this piece as encouragement for her. While this is not based off of the dynamic that Sir and I have, I hope that many can relate to the emotions she is battling with as they are apart from each other



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