Tuesday : life review

Tuesday again!

Zomg you guys. I had. So. Much. Fun.

On the weekend (Saturday to be exact), my best friend, her hubby, and I went to a Halloween dance.


It was put in by NOGLO. (North Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Organization). It was held at a local hotel. And it was a blast!


The three of us dressed up as super bugs. A.k.A. the GMO avengers.  We had a lady bug, a ninja bee, and a grasshopper (that was me!)


I spent hours the three days before, sewing capes, and figuring things out. It didn’t help that we kept changing our minds at the last  minute. o.0


The night was a total hit.  So many people, so many great costumes,  and a great variety in music.  I think I only sat down for one song. (And me with my broken leg!)


I felt no judgement.  No  need to be someone I wasn’t – just me and my grasshopper self.


I may also have a coffee date with Superman.  When I know more.. I might let you know 😛


I’m deffinetly going to go to more of  their events in the future.


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