Sunday: FUNDAY!

Alright 🙂

Yesterday was a bit… ranty,

Today  I plan on writing about what I plan to do on my trip 😀


Beginning – Wednesday

Arrive in Ontario. Visit with Dad and Stepmom. Relax. Get Settled.

Thursday – Thursday

Visit with family. Including trying to find time to visit with my mom’s side as well. Also – some days of relaxation. Or something. My dad has a broken leg as well – so there probably won’t be too much galavanting around.


Bus to Ottawa. Go home with Katt. 😀

Saturday – Monday

Visit with Katt, and possibly a certain Lawsbian who lives in Ottawa. 😀

Tuesday – Wednesday

Bus to Montreal. Spend lots of exploring time.

Wednesday nightish – Bus back to Ottawa and Katt

Thursday – Ottawa with Katt

Friday – Come home.

Should be a total blast!!!!!



** I want to hear from you! Let me know what sort of things I should do while I am out travelling!**


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