Saturday : Mental Illness

Hey everyone!

It’s Saturday, and this post has jumped all over the place, then turned into a rant. I apologize in advance.

I found a blog recently called Robot-Hugs. I instantly fell in love. There are so many issues that are written about/drawn about that resonate with me. A bunch of them are about mental illness, gender issues, lifes questions… so many good topics.

The author – is Canadian. Which rocks. Also : There are actual blog posts, not just comics. Sometimes I wish I could add comics to my posts. (Yes I can draw. Yes – I COULD add comics. No I don’t have any idea how I would go about that – because lazy)

The comic that I first saw was this:


There are so many ways this post wins the internet. And my undying love and support.

This? Is how I feel on a regular basis. My depression sometimes becomes such that I don’t know why things are sad, or how to deal with them. There are deffinately days where I “nest”. Hell – sometimes I do for weeks. Hiding from the world. Unable to figure out a way to get out of the giant pit of suck. Alone. Lost. Full of dispare.

I always come out though. I refuse to give in to that lying bastard. Depression lies, and I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I am having issues.

The comic also shows something else. A way to help. To show support. Too many times I have people ask why I am feeling the way I am. Telling me to just be happy. That I have nothing to feel upset or depressed about. That once, they felt sad  – and here is everything they did that made it better, so (obviously) if I just do the same thing, I will be better as well.

There are not many people out there in the world who are willing to just support those of us with mental illness. Those who, just need quiet, non judgemental, accepting support. Someone who will help us nest. Who are willing to just quietly sit in the backround, to join our nest, to just… BE there for us. It is a special quality – and I know that for me – when I find someone like that, I hold on to them with both hands.

Yet – I can only count those people on one hand. Which is very upsetting – yet a good example of how many people aren’t willing to be supportive.

Worse – are the people who assume because my illness’ are not visible – they do not exist. Which is the biggest crock of fucking shit I have every had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of. Not all mental illnesses are visible. Not all present physical symptoms that people can point at and be “Look. That person has a mental illness”. That does not make them any less real, debilitating, or life altering. I can pretend with the best of them. Most times anyway.  The days when I cant. are the days when I nest and don’t leave the house. Most people have never seen me at my worst. So I get judged.

Mental Illness can be just as life threatening as cancer. Just as traumatizing and life altering as losing a limb, or being diagnosed with severe diabetes. Which is why we need more people to talk about it. To break the silence and cut down the stigmas. We need more people who help us nest when we need it, and are willing to support us even when they cannot see the problem for themselves.

So – Thank you Robot-Hugs – for a comic that shows the support that I personally, love to recieve.




One thought on “Saturday : Mental Illness

  1. This is great, and yes, a friend who will just be there is the most valuable thing in the world. One day when my daughter was a toddler and things were bad, a friend came over, did our dishes, and watched blue’s clues with us and it felt like an angel had visited.

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