Friday is Pimpin’

Hey Y’all!

It’s FRIDAY! Know what that means? It means I get to pimp out things from the interwebs.

Today – the blog I am going to pimp is by my good friend Tyler J. Yoder.

Tyler is a poet, a writer, an eccentric being, and a ukulele prodigy in the making.

I first met Tyler when we were both following a live book reading by Jenny Lawson a.k.a. The Bloggess. She was reading from her awesome book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir)  – and there were hundreds of us trying to watch and listen. (Well – at LEAST 100). We ended up crashing a bunch of sites because there were so many of us trying to just get a glimpse of Jenny. 🙂

Speed forward – and we have a marvelous Facebook group called Lawsbian Awesomeness. Lawsbian because we love Jenny Lawson. (Like Lesbian… but with …well you can probably figure it out). This group is full of wonderful, amazing, talented people who support each other, and are always there for each other. This is where I started my interactions with Tyler.

Since then – I have been nothing if not inspired by this man. This wonderful, caring, talented man.

He has a blog : The Whimsical Adventures of the Reverend Doctor – which highlights parts of his life story that he shares with all of us so beautifully. You can learn so much about a person by reading, and knowing their views on the world. Bringing me closer to him (I am not sure he knows how close. Though – this bush is getting pretty sparse due to the season…)

He has a book out – a collection of poetry that he wrote. Please feel free to check it out! Buy it even.

Tyler has goals. He has dreams. He has plans. Tyler is going to vagabond himself through Europe. That’s right. He is going to travel, using only his talents as a writer, and an awesome person , to survive. He leaves in less than six months! Once he is over there.. I am unsure where his wandering gypsy spirit will take him. Hopefully on many a wonderful grand adventure he can share with us!

He also does custom work – he will write personalized stories, does tarot readings, and will send you postcards from his exotic locals! He makes custom head attire, and is willing to take on commissions. Also…He is going to be selling off all his worldly possessions in order to fuel his dreams including a “genuine Black Cod Ovarian Tumor preserved in a jar”!

Please – visit Tyler. Spend some time looking around. Enjoy yourself. And don’t hesitate to inquire about his many services – or help fund his artistic adventures. (Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated!)

Love you dearly Rev. T. J. Yoder!



**Do you have a blog, website, product, or other thing you want me to pimp out? Please – send me an email! I would love to talk to you about it!**


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