Thursday Interview: George K (Insert greek randomness here)

It’s Thursday everyone!

I have my first interview! While not very long.. it is my first one, and very last minute 🙂

I have some feelers out to interview some other people – but I have not gotten responses from some of them ( though I do have some others! Going to get that shit organized!)

I messaged @PaoloPace – who worked on Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Go ahead an tweet at him to let me interview him! Annnd…

ImageI was able to interview my roommate and fellow gamer: George. He wasn’t able to stick around (as he works like a mad-man), but I was able to send him a batch of questions through text – that he took the time out of his day to answer. He is so sweet!

The (short) batch of questions I thought up on the fly to ask him:

Robyn: At what age did you start playing video games?

George: Started playing at age 4

R: Do you own many consoles? If so – which ones?


R: Ohh? What is Coleco Vision?

G: It’s a console that came out about the same time frame as the Atari 2600

R: Awesome!

R: If you had to choose a specific genre to play – which would it be?

G: Favorite genre is RPG’s

R: Think back to ancient times – What was your favorite game?

G: Favorite game: Final Fantasy 7

R: Do you use video games as a way to relieve stress?

G: Yes. *insert look of disbelief that I would ask this question this morning)

R: What about them helps?

G: Video games are a stress relief because I can escape from the idiots that populate this world. All the lies and attempts and manipulation is tiring. I’m just going to forget these people exist and slay a dragon.

R: In your opinion – what is the biggest myth in mainstream media today, regarding video games (and their use)?

G: Myth – violence in video games leads to violence in the world. More like shitty parenting leads to violence in the world.

R: Gamer girls – Hot or Not?

G: Gamer girls being hot is a generalization, hot girls are hot. What makes them hot is in the eyes of the beholder.

R: Last – but definitely the most important…. How awesome do you think I am? (Seriously – it’s a question for the blog)

G: Pretty damn awesome. Now go play some games.

So that was the first – SHORT, and basic interview. Please comment and let me know what other questions I should ask in the future! Also – make sure you sign up to get my new posts! I have an epic list of topics coming up – you wont want to miss out!


Common, tell me how awesome I am....

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