Wednesday: REWIND! Diablo 2

**DISCLAIMER: Apparently the version that I was playing for the review was not legit *gasp!*. When I tried to reinstall the actual game – My vast and complete knowledge of all things computer *snicker* – couldn’t figure out a way to get around the compatibility issues. I did everything that I was supposed to, in order to fix the issue – but it didn’t work. So here is a review of the game that was on the computer when I reviewed.** Also – I have no freaking CLUE why the paragraphs are different sizes. SO ANNOYING!

Hey everyone! I’m amazed that it is Wednesday already!!!

Since I reviewed Diablo 1 last week… I figured I would do 2 this week! Logical, huh? (Just call me a Vulcan)

First off – I’d like to mention that this game… was the most played game in my house. EVERYONE needed a turn. In fact – it was so liked… that we taught my baby brother how to play. When he was 2. That’s right, folks – I corrupted a toddler with a demon hunting, blood thirsty, M game. Deal with it!

Game:  Diablo II
Developers: Blizzard North

Released: North America – June 29,2000
Genre: Action role-playing game, hack and slash

Characters available (Including expansion):

Amazon : Uses bows, spears, javelin, and pagan blood magic (passive and minions)
Assassin: Close combat, able to use throwing knives, claws (single or dual wield). Do not need keys to open locked chests
Necromancer: Dark summoner, uses minions (resurrected demon undead), curses
Barbarian: Uses axes, close combat, can dual wield, special traits such as WarCry
Paladin: Servant of Angels – uses auras, blessings, and special skills against undead
Sorceress:  Magic wielding (elemental), low health
Druid: Ability to shape shift, raise “pets”, elemental magic, bows


Totally brought back all the feels. Honestly? It is my favourite Diablo game. I like it even better than Diablo III. Which… surprised me. 

Playing the game reminded me of watching my brother troll people over at a very young age. He would log into multiplayer games, kill people, steal their loot and ears – then log off. He amassed quite an inventory of epic gear. 

I have personally never beat the game. Mostly because when it first came out, I was just starting high school, dealing with my insanely overactive mental illness extravaganza, switching schools, and well.. being the girl. Unfortunately “being the girl” usually meant that I got way less game play time then the boys, and when I did play – I had backseat gamers. So frustrating.

I loved the different areas of the game. The beginning rogue encampment – where you get a handle on your skills, and do some easy quests. It is also where I usually ended up going through every inch of the map. Boldly going where no [char] had gone before.  (Tidbit – When I first heard  the voice of Warriv – I thought it was Patrick Stewart. I wasn’t too disappointed to learn it was Michael McConnohie – another favourite of  mine. TMNT anyone?)

The fact that there were four separate Acts to the game – made it way more interesting than Diablo I. The fifth act is found within the expansion. Not only making the Lord of Destruction expansion epic (New characters, weapons AND quests) , but continues the story quite nicely.

Another awesome thing? When making your character… you could choose Hardcore mode. This meant that when you died.. your character was done and gone. Made for many frustrating nights, where you spend all this time getting awesome… click that hot key for healing too slow… and BANG! You’re back at the beginning.

D2 brought in some epic additions that totally blew D1 out of the water. The chest – where you can store extra items that you don’t want to carry in your inventory. The horadric cube – allowing extra storage – but also allowing you to combine gem shards and quest specific items. Socketed items – allowing the addition of gems to increase stats. My favourite – Teleports! You can use the specific location waypoints to fast travel between areas. Best. Addition. Ever. Saved me so much money on Town Portals!

 Scores out of 10 for each category:

Musical Score : 8/10 The musical score had many “classical feel” type elements. There was also a variety of songs, which helped up its score a lot 😀

Graphics – 8/10 Graphics were kickin for Y2K. There were SHADOWS. The game just seems to have way more depth then D1

Gore – 5/10. Not much gore. Blood splatter when killing animals. Though… when a necromancer summons his minions.. corpses explode – which is really cool, and totally gives it a higher score

Story – 6/10 So many different parts to the story, with many characters adding to the tale. Well done.

Stigmas– None that I could remember. Please feel free to point any out.

Multiplayer 8/10 Using – though sometimes slow – made the game a great social outlet. Though having to communicate by chatbox – you are still able to interact with each person within your world. Increasing loot drops, receiving help from comrades, and making enemies more challenging. Totally worth it

Anxiety 3/10 The only anxiety that I felt while playing the game was of my making. Getting caught surrounded by a mob, and not hitting the potions quick enough. Running away with very little health while you’re slowly healing AND still being hit by ranged attacks? Made me yell “Run Away!” on many occasion.

Stress Relief – 8/10 I find this game very good for de-stressing. There are lots of areas to explore, many quests, lots to kill, and a good story line. Like I said – my favourite from the Diablo franchise. 

Overall? I would rate the game a 8/10. I loved it then, and love it now. Still relevant today (IMHO). The game play is classic, the story is interesting (can you tell yet that the story lines are big in my world?), and it had way points. SCORE!





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