Tuesday: Life Review

Hi friends!

It’s Tuesday, which means I get to babble about my life! GO ME!

So- here is an update of my travel situation.

I am flying to Toronto the second week of November. I am going to be staying with my Dad, and visiting lots of family. I have A LOT of family. The majority of them live in Ontario. There are only a few of us that don’t.

After about a week – I will be taking the bus to Ottawa! There I will be staying with one of my favourite people, and her family! I am stoked! It has been so long since we have seen each other, and since I broke my leg in April – I had to bow out of her wedding party for July. I was really upset about that 😦 I will be staying with her for another week, and will fly out of Ottawa when I head home.

Somewhere in the days when I am visiting Ottawa – I will be taking a two days (one night), to visit Montreal. Which I am super excited to do. So many beautiful buildings. So many different… eccentricities of people. Fashion. Music. History. Everything a girl could want – plus I probably don’t have to step out doors at all. The majority of the transportation is underground – and pretty much connects to every major attraction/location I could want. Which is awesome because it is supposed to be snowing by then. *shivers*

I found out that while I am in Montreal I can totally take a picture of myself inside the lobby of Ubisoft. How awesome is that??? Some of my favourite games are from there!

So – to say I am excited is an understatement.  Though… the thing that would make this so much better… would be if I had a car, and could drive to the Atlantic coast after Montreal (As it actually isn’t really that far, comparatively speaking.) I could do the whole coastline. That would be an EPIC adventure indeed!


I also take piano/keyboard lessons – but I will be taking them twice a week to make up for what I miss while I am visiting. Which – is actually stressful. Because it doesn’t give me much time to practice between lessons, and I have to drive to a different city twice a week. Oh well… c’est la vie. (See what I did there? French! Which I should practice as well before I go visit a province that is predominately French speaking. I have been told that I will be hard pressed to find friendly English speakers. That could be biased though. BUT I will need to brush up on my reading/understanding so that I can figure out where I am going!)

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should go visit when in Ottawa or Montreal? I am open to suggestions!


I love you all!!!



(Remember tomorrow is Wednesday:Rewind! I’m going to be reviewing Diablo II!)


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