Eden Star building a destiny

Looks very…very… interesting. Something that would be worth helping to Kickstart…






Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been writing about and championing an amazing new game we saw at the Eurogamer Expo 2013 called Eden Star. When we met Flix Interactive, the team behind the title they told us that their Kickstarter project was nearly ready to go. This is now finally up and running and 1001-Up.com is proud to say that we’re proud backers of this fine title.

Title - Best of Eurogamer Eden Star

Eden Star is an immersive first-person, survival-creation game; blending unique physics-based combat, destructible environments, freeform construction, resource management and completely dynamic, free-running navigation. Players excavate resources from the world of Pharus 7 in order to fund the expansion and development of unique and powerful technologies as they create, destroy and manipulate the world around them.

When we had the privilege of getting our hands on the game we were totally blown away by how great it looked, even in…

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