Poetry? Why not

The Endless Fight (POSSIBLE TRIGGER)

The skies,  slowly darken
As the winds howl inside
No hope is felt,  seen,  heard

The clouds, ripped open
Rain drowns the tears
A call rings out,  no answer

The days,  never ending
Desperation ever grows
No help in sight,  alone

The night,  grows dim
Blackness fills the void
Wounds are festering,  bleeding

The storm, rages on
Tides will never turn
Souls shrivel,  dead

The trees,  lose leaves
Darkness covers the land
No birds sing,  silence

The blade, glints silver
Determination wavers
One more day, breathe

The tunnel,  slowly ends
A song is heard
A memory beckons,  closer

The waves have receded
Fists begin to unclench
Pressure releases, freedom

The thoughts are clear
Direction is chosen
Feet move,  one more step

The sun shines through
Clouds make way for sky
Decisions been made, forward

The head is held high
Stubbornness grows with each breath
Depression lies,  defeated

The course is now set
No way to turn back
Freedom will be had,  again

The battle is over
Casualties scatter the ground
War is not over,  yet



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