Saturday is AWESOME.

Hello everyone,

How was your Friday night? Mine was not bad. Hung out with my bestie, her boyfriend and my friend C. Told stories, talked about boobs,  tried to decide on Halloween costumes, talked about video games, favorite superhero movies, celebrity crushes. .. normal stuff 🙂

The C and I watched some Pacific Rim. Not the whole thing..C had to go home because he was falling asleep and still had to drive home. So have to finish that one later.

I am taking keyboard/piano lessons. I had two classes this week, and let me twll you – if you don’t practice, you’re gonna have a bad time. So frustrating. 

I am currently at a friends house,  hanging out,  watching some TV, cleaning some floors. I’m having fun 🙂

Now for the awesome news….

I am going to Ontario in November! That’s right – I’m gonna visit the shit out of it.
The majority of my family lives out there, so it will be really nice to see them.
I’m going to be staying with my Daddy and step mom. My dad also has a broken leg – so there should be some nice, relaxing, quality, time.

Also… I was planning on going to Ottawa for a visit. That’s right Katt, Francis, Jasmine, and Nathan… Robyn is coming to stay with you! (If you’ll have me 😛 )

I also am planning a day or two visit to Montreal.  By myself! I’ve never really traveled by myself like that before. I am super duper excited. It will be such an adventure!  I can’t wait to see all the awesome architecture,  and historical places. My inner history nerd is gonna freak!

I also am going to make sure to have my picture taken in front of the Ubisoft building. There is no way I can go to Montreal and NOT check out the location of amazing video game development.  😀 Maybe I’ll get lucky and they will let me go inside the front doors 🙂

Guys – I am soooo excited! You have no idea!!!!

Anyways- that’s it for today, though I may still post later. You never know.



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