Fridays for pimpin’ (Still. For 15 minutes)

I swear I will get better at this. Promise. 

It’s Friday. 

That means it is a day I get to unabashedly pimp out things on the internets that I like. 

I was hoping to do one pimp per week – because… what if I come to the end of the internet and have nothing else to pimp? That would be awful, and my whole blog would explode due to non-pimpin.

So today I am going to pimp that awesome game that is going around the internet like wildfire.  It is called Foldit. It uses a simulation software to give molecular structures. You have to manipulate the structure/protein/enzyme/pterodactyl so that it is the most stable possible, and there are no … interactions that would create a division by zero. 

According to the article I read, a group of scientists had been studying this one enzyme that acted an awful lot like HIV. The problem was – they could not figure out how to make it stable. For ten long years they struggled….

On a whim – they gave the problem to the users of Foldit. Let the legions of nerds at the problem – and they had it stable and working within 10 days. 

That right there? That is epic. That is history. THAT- is why I play video games. So that one day, I can cure something like HIV … maybe something like stupidity. (Hey- a girl can hope right?)

I know it is just a short post tonight… but I hope that you find the article and the game as fascinating as I do. I have already spent hours playing through the tutorials (There are 30 of them in case you were wondering. 30 levels… with parts. I think I am on 5-1 or something. It’s harder then it looks. Makes my brain hurt at times.).

Have a wonderful Friday! Remember… Saturday is only a few minutes away!



(BTW – I totally signed up for an account with the game. It is remittingdust09. Same as my XBOX gamer id. )


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