Thursday : Interviews (but actually just babble today)

Today is interview day! (Or would be if I had my act together)

Thursday’s are the day where I plan on interviewing other people who have mental illness and play video games. Also: devs, indie designers, etc…

Unfortunately. … today I had no one to interview!  (I was helping build a fence… oops!)

Being as today was kind of stressful for me… (don’t worry – I’ll rant a tiny bit) I am going to change today’s interview post, with Saturday’s? Or maybe I’ll just do double the post tomorrow 🙂


Information that is not related in any way whatsoever with Thursday: Interviews – but that is bugging me so I am going to have to write about it. 

I moved across the country, from the barren plains, back home to the coast. That was the beginning of April. I was sooooo excited to be home! So much so that I decided to go horseback riding! Bareback! With a horse I didn’t know that well, and a person I knew even less!

I’m thinking you can all figure out what happened…. Yup! I fell! But I fell before even getting on the horse. I fell trying to get on the horse. I jumped, the horse side stepped – there was zigging when there should have been zagging… and I landed with both feet flat on the ground.

I have such awesome luck that my leg snapped. Thirteen days after I moved back home I was being rushed to the hospital in an Ambulance. I did a huge number on my leg: broke the Tibia, fractured the Fibula, dislocated the ankle…  It was not a good time. I had surgery where they put a plate in, a bunch of screws, and told me I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on it for a minimum of 3 weeks. Three weeks of HELL.

The Break
The Break
Plates and screws after surgery
Plates and screws after surgery

I ended up being in the hospital, and then physical rehab for three and a half months. Three and a half months of no access to gaming! The horror! (I was about to break out of the joint and hit up an arcade or something. )

Anyways – Come to today – After much back and forth with tests, X-rays, surgeon consults… it has been decided that there is something wrong with my leg. There is the possibility of damaged cartilage within my ankle joint (causing pain and swelling), as well as a potential bone cyst or infection around one of the screws. The radiologist said that on the CT scan , they saw a 10mm hole around one of the screws. That is an entire centimetre. HUGE.

The surgeon is going to go back in, do a scope of the joint, remove the plate and screws, inspect the “hole” , clean it up, decided if I need a bone graft from the other side of my leg, and decide if she is going to put another plate back in. Should be a REAL blast.

So not only have I been healing this broken leg since April – but it isn’t healing right. So now I get to have ANOTHER surgery, spend another 1-3 months recovering, and probably will still have a 75% chance of a limp, arthritis, and possible swelling. Totally what I wanted to hear.

The surgery will be sometime in the beginning of December. Either the first or second week. Which means I will be bedridden for Christmas. One of my favourite holidays. 😦

Hopefully? The surgeon will get in there, find out the CT scan lied, decide just to take the metal out… and I will be as good as new within six weeks. That is what I am rooting for, though my luck tends to run the other way. *sigh*

So that was my stressful morning… how was yours?

I will try and get an interview post up tomorrow, along with my Friday blog.

Thanks for reading my babble.




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