Monday : Game Review

Alrighty, it is MONDAY! ( But the very first Monday, so I probably won’t get around to reviewing a game in this post. Or maybe I will. Haven’t decided yet)

Mondays, according to the schedule I posted on Saturday, are about reviewing games. Obviously they will be games that I have played. Probably recently. Which is the only way to actually get a valid review, IMHO.

Now : I am not just going to review video games. I am going to review video games and how they relate to my specific mental issues, stigmas in general, overall playability, etc. So the reviews will definitely be biased. I mean… they’re my opinions – of course they are biased!

Games will be rated in different categories, out of 10. 10 being super fucking awesome never want to put this game down… and 1 being hated it, made my life worse, and/OR had unexpected triggers in it. (Which – unfortunately, can happen even with the best games out there).

The categories are as follows:

Musical Score
Sound Effects
Frustration levels
Stress Relief

Like I said – very specific to my particular issues. I also tend to favour FPS (first person shooters for all you noobs out there). They seem to be my current “go-to” game style. BUT – I love all kinds of games. Puzzle, RTS (real-time strategy), sandbox, role-playing, social, tactical… you name it – I will probably like playing it.

Currently – I mostly play on my Xbox 360. I love consoles and this has been a great system for me. I like the style of controllers, the way the system functions and it’s simplicity.  I do however have other consoles.

My Consoles:

Xbox 360 (and Kinect)
Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Genesis
Nintendo DS lite
Nintendo 3DS (Access to my brother’s)
Playstation 2 (Access to)
Nintendo Gamecube (Access to – as well as games that will play on the Wii)
Desktop Computer (Older, custom-built)

There *is* a Playstation 3 on the property. I don’t know if I am interested in playing it. Different style and all that. Plus – if there are games that are only for one console… I call bullshit discrimination. *humph*

My goals, which probably go without saying, are to get a new computer set up, I want the Steam Controller, and of course an Xbox One. I wouldn’t turn down a Playstation 4, either.

I have about… 20ish games for the Xbox 360 sitting in front of me. I am not going to list them off, as that would ruin the surprises – but it should keep me going for a while anyways. I also have a bunch of games for the Wii/Gamecube, some for the Sega, a few for the original NES, and about 200 DS games. Plus I plan on buying newer games all the time. There are also free indie games, trials, Xbox has a promotion called “Games with Gold” which gives you free downloadable games, Free to play computer games, games I can borrow from friends, etc.

I doubt I will run out of things to review. I may, however, run out of games I *WANT* to review – in which case, you will more than likely be able to tell by my writing style and finesse.

Alrighty – Looks like I am not reviewing a game after all today! Not unless I make another post.  It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so I have plans for a LOT of turkey eating. (Which will lead to a coma and probably not another post. 🙂 )



*None of the links are sponsored (this time), I just wanted everyone on the same page. Because… well… some of you might be as old as dinosaurs and have no idea what I am talking about. So there. 


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